How to Install a WordPress Theme

Installing wordpress theme is fairly simple if you know the right way to do it. There are number of wordpress themes both in paid and free versions, selecting a theme depends on you and your website’s niche. While starting out as a beginner without any knowledge you should always go for free wordpress theme. By selecting free wordpress theme it will give you an idea on how to approach your website and structure it.

We will give you step by step instructions on how to install your wordpress theme in 2 ways.

NOTE: Keep in mind that each wordpress theme has it’s unique features and functionality. Changing a theme will affect the look and accessibility of the website.

Install WordPress Theme Using Theme Search

To install free wordpress theme this following method is used. Installing can be done from themes directory, the simplest way to install a wordpress theme is to use WordPress admin theme search functionality.

To install a WordPress theme first you need to login in your WordPress admin area.

In your Admin area you can see appearance tab which will take you to themes page Appearance » Themes.

Once you get into themes page click on Add New button at the top of the page.

On the next page you will have the free choice to select any theme from themes directory. To make you search precise you can use Feature Filter button on top of the page. Along with these Feature Filter button you will have other selections like Featured WordPress themes, Latest WordPress themes, Popular WordPress themes. By selecting any one you can make your theme search specific and according to your needs.

When you search for a theme multiple number of themes will appear, to install the theme you like simple hover your mouse pointer the theme image. By hovering the mouse pointer over the image will reveal the install button, details button and preview button. You can preview the theme before installing it by clicking preview button or you can install it by clicking install button.

Once you click install button WordPress will install your theme, a successful installation message will appear along with link to live preview and active.

Click on activate button to active your WordPress theme.

Install WordPress Theme Using Upload method

In this technique you can upload commercial or premium WordPress theme. The first method only lets you install free themes on your WordPress website.      

Premium WordPress themes gives you more features and accessibility compared to free themes. So in that case if you want to install a premium theme upload method is used.

First download a zip file of the theme that you purchased from commercial theme provider or marketplace etc.

Next login in your admin panel and go to Appearance » Themes.

Then click on add new button on the top of the page.

Now click the Upload Theme button on the next page.

Then you have to choose the zip file that you downloaded and click install.

Once the theme is installed successfully installation message will appear when you have to click activate button. Themes will have additional settings and configurations that you may need to set through the theme customizer or separate option panel.

The upload functionality is only available to self hosted users, if it’s not self hosted but then you will not be able to use the option because it limits the users.

So these are the ways to upload a theme into WordPress for beginners.

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