Most Mandatory Things To Do After Installing WordPress

After installing wordpress most of the wordpress beginner’s don’t know what to do next? So in this article we will share details about most important things you must do after installing wordpress.

Step 1 – Update Title, Tagline, Time Zone & Favicon

Title & Tagline – To change title or tagline of your website, go into setting area at the left hand side of the dashboard and choose general option. In that there will be 2 options site title and tagline, you can update your site name and tagline that relates to your site.

Time Zone – Below title and tagline option you’ll find timezone option. Through this option you can schedule and manage your post properly with accurate date and time on your website. In this you can set timezone city wise. After adding all details don’t forget to save changes.

Favicon – In step 1 this is final part, adding your website custom favicon. Generally it shows wordpress icon in favicon area at the top of the page. The favicon is located in browser tab area. To add a favicon in your wordpress website all you need to do is go to dashboard of your website and click on customization option. In site customization option you’ll find site identity area. In that there is a section called site icon, there is recommended site given for favicon so you need to make favicon as per given height and width pixel ratio.

Step 2 – Set Proper Permalink Structure

When you install newly wordpress site the permalink structure is not Google friendly, so you need to set seo friendly url structure that not only helps for ranking purpose of your website but it will be also helpful for readers to read url words properly. To set seo friendly permalink go to setting option and click on permalink from the menu. In permalink section you’ll find multiple options to set new permalink structure. The best one is post name, day and name options.  Select your preferences and click on save changes.

Step 3 – Configure Reading Settings

The reading setting option provides you 2 options to show your website front end view. If you want to show static content like selective services option for business or service website you can choose “A static page option” through this panel. If you’re looking to show latest post like blog content you can choose on “Your latest posts” option.

To apply changes you can follow these steps – Find reading option in menu area and finalize you want to show latest posts on your site or static page. Select your preferences and then click save changes.

Step 4 – Remove Unused Themes

When you install wordpress, in appearance “themes” you’ll find multiple theme option, as you can even see your selected theme in that area. Those theme which you don’t want to use you can delete theme from panel. As those theme adds lot of unwanted work to update theme on timely  basis and there is also security issue to keep laying in theme option.

So to remove them find appearance option in menu item and click on themes. So to delete a particular theme you need to click on theme details, a window will pop up so at the bottom right side you will find delete option. Click on delete option to delete the particular theme from your wordpress panel.

Step 5 – Install WP Super Cache Plugin

User expects to load website in fraction of seconds and they don’t have enough patience to wait. So to increase your website speed you can install wp super cache plugin that will help website pages to load much faster than normal website pages. To know about configuration of wp super cache plugin you can go to below link.

Install WP Super Cache Plugin

Step 6 – Activate CDN

To provide quality user experience and good uptime ratio you can install content distribution network like cloudflare. Through cloudflare your website data is geographically distributed to data centers which distributes data to end user on high availability and performance. 

Step 7 – Install Akismet Anti Spam Plugin

When you start website or blog on wordpress you’ll start facing comment spam issue after sometime. Comment spam on wordpress are mostly done by bots or human operated which shares unwanted and non related data on posts or pages. To prevents your website from such spam you can install akismet plugin by jetpack.

Step 8 – Install Yoast Seo Plugin

Nowdays it is mandatory for everyone to have seo plugin activated on your wordpress site. To rank your site easily in search engine you can install yoast seo plugin. Yoast helps website to optimize all your posts automatically. Also yoast suggest you changes that needs to make in content of your website. Find out how to install and configure wordpress yoast plugin.

Step 9 – Social Media Plugin For Posts

Social media plugins are mandatory nowadays to get your content viral. Your blog or website should have social sharing options that will help  users to share content easily on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.

Step 10 – Take Regular Backups

It is really important to take backup of your website regularly. So if you loose content or wordpress get crash or any unknown issue occured, backup copy will help you to restore that previous data of your website with all given setting. To backup your website you can install backupbuddy plugin.

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